This is a private billing practice, however we endeavour to keep our fees affordable to ensure all patients have access to essential healthcare.  You will find they are well below the recommended AMA fees.

We accept EFTPOS, credit cards and cash for your convenience.   

Patients will receive a rebate from Medicare for privately billed consultations. MEDICARE Online is a quick, secure and convenient way to claim your rebate at the time of your visit and have it deposited directly into your bank account. If you are not already registered, go to information on how to register.

Holders of Health Care cards, Aged pensions and Disability Support pensions must show these cards at the time of the consultation for bulk billing to apply.

To understand why we are unable to bulk bill all our patients click here to see how far Medicare fees have fallen behind the CPI.

Our most commonly charged items are listed below

Medical Centre

All children 17 years and younger, holders of Commonwealth Concession cards including Health Care Cards and Aged Pension card holders are bulk billed.

We do not bulk bill on Sundays and Public Holidays.

All DVA Gold Card holders have their accounts paid by the Department of Veteran Affairs. There are no additional fees payables at any time.


Monday to Saturday

Consultation Length Our Fee Medicare Rebate Actual Cost to You
Standard $ 82.00 $ 39.10 $ 42.90
Long $130.00 $ 75.75 $ 54.25
Prolonged $170.00 $111.50 $ 58.50

Sunday & Public Holiday

Consultation Length Our Fee Medicare Rebate Actual Cost to You
Standard $ 98.00 $ 51.00 $ 47.00
Long $ 150.00 $ 87.40 $ 62.60


An additional fee will be charged for services required to investigate or treat a medical condition such as an ECG, lung function test, a plaster, sling or dressing.

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